Our mission

The mission of the Foundation TariXa does funnel, receive, give financial funds for recover the cultural identity willed by the ancestors, who teaches us live in harmony with the nature. We develop, implement, execute and / or finance plans, donate, we make programs and projects circumscribed in the concept of Sustainable Development the culture of the peoples, ethnics groups, art in order preserve with the environment, its flora and fauna in the world, which are currently being overwhelmed by exacerbated consumerism, the loss of moral values mainly in the family and the predatory enrichment against our planet Earth.
Desarrollamos, implementamos, ejecutamos y/o financiamos planes, donamos, hacemos programas y proyectos circunscritos en el concepto de Desarrollo Sostenible, la cultura de los pueblos, las etnias, el arte, a fin de preservar una armonía con el medio ambiente, su flora y fauna en el mundo, que actualmente están siendo avasallados por el consumismo exacerbado, la pérdida de valores morales principalmente en la familia y el enriquecimiento depredador contra nuestro planeta Tierra.

Our vision

The TariXa Foundation wants change its way of acting to the current generation so that they preserve, improve the environment, feel proud of the cultural identity that they are losing in their regions in their uses and customs; our vision is to improve the person in his quality of life with a balance with nature, to have a better world with individual and collective consciousness, where our planet come again what it was 200 years ago, where man lived in harmony With your space.

Our values

In the TariXa Foundation, the values we draw ourselves is follow the route of our ancestors who had the common good of protecting their regions, respecting their practices and customs, giving prosperity to the Society always in harmony with Nature. Our Values are respect the cultural identity of each region as long as the person's life and rights are respected, besides the environment must be preserved.