The Province of TariXa today Tarija, on November 1, 1614 the Viceroy Juan de Mendoza y Luna, incorporates the area of the Gran Chaco into the Tarija district, being the largest extension that the Province of Tarija had, covering territories that are today from Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. This unique area in the world prevails today thanks its uses and customs as a single region with slight customs changes of its people called, Gaucho, Chapaco or Chaqueño. The year 1810 Tarija became dependent on the provisional government of Buenos Aires and the year 1816 signed the Act of Constitution with other regions of Argentina, the year 1826 becomes annexed to Bolivia losing territories fractured by limits imposed by new nations, but his cultural identity prevailing across the frontiers.

The TariXa Foundation worried that the peoples of the world are losing the essence of their cultures, seeks to recover Cultural Identity mainly from the territories of the Tarixa Province, today belonging to Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in South America, which are losing their uses, customs, culture, art, ethnicities and preservation of the environment as a result of two currents: a Globalization that through social networking makes youth wants imitate other distorted cultures not according to the uses and customs of regions, dismissing the moral values instilled by previous generations and two by the massive immigration of people from other places that also make inherited culture marginalized, where the young people mainly pursuit the value of money.